Isolation in the 21st Century mind or body ?

  • I will be writing a plethora of topics on spirituality and life as it is such a vast topic, however I noticed that one of the prompt topics was about isolation and thought that it was a good topic to explore And I touched on this in my blog “understanding you makes healthy relationships” .

Isolation for many can be a horrible thing and in many ways it’s unhealthy however I for one enjoy being isolated from life’s noise ..I am at one with myself and although I am a social person as well, I enjoy having time to reflect and be at peace . Do you feel that you are Isolated in an unhealthy way ? Some people are forced into Isolation but numerous means such as losing or having no friends , no relationship this no companion, being far from family , depression and illness. For this group of people Isolation can be a living hell.

In this fast paced world of social media you would think that there’s NO WAY of being isolated but you would be farther from the truth . It seems that as social media grows and develops more and more people are finding it harder to be themselves . I profess that I struggle with much of the present upgrades online but what if you never used the Internet as so many from a different era ? Or you can’t afford it with the constant fiscal battles on society? The Internet is great for so many things but it’s made us forget our essence at times who we are , our humanity .. Gone are the times of conversation as you walked home after school as my friend who has teen sons said “they don’t need that now they have mobile phones ” and right there it hit me – we are losing ourselves..We are relying to heavily on technology ( but that’s a whole other philosophical discussion ) and letting it drain us.

We need to reconnect with ourselves and step back from constant use of the Internet etc.

The interesting thing about being Isolated is that we can be in a crowded room and still feel alone if you are in that mindset anyway . Many people who use the Internet to escape this can often still feel the absence of contact real human contact no matter how many apps and games , social media sites and calls they immerse  themselves in .

Again I reiterate that balance is key . No one needs to feel alone or isolated in any way in this time .



Is your child spiritually sensitive ?

When I was a child I would have been referred to as an indigo child or crystal child . There’s many different references to a spiritually receptive child but I personally like to think of us as simply old souls in a new body so we are a bit more used to life Having had lived in a physical vessel perhaps 100s of times if you have ab open mind! We just need to re-learn the basics of the physical side of being alive again .

Spiritually sensitive and aware children will be very emotionally mature they will empathise with others and way before their age ..Which is where the term ” an old head on young shoulders” or ” old soul” etc derived from . It’s although they are actually mature and advanced but going by physical age alone people often can grasp why these children are so advanced at such a young age.

They will perhaps say they lived somewhere before with a different, or many different, families, which of course can be interpreted by the parents as the child/children’s ‘active imagination’. The same applies to ghosts , spirits or the paranormal and the same applies .

As a child that is born a spiritually enlightened or gifted one , will essentially have abilities such as I did (and it is a very lonely and difficult path for any child who encounters such things at such a tender age) it is important that they are educated when old enough but until then reassured that all is well and that they can always talk to you about anything . It is also a good idea if they are seeing a spirit etc to get them to draw pictures or if they dream ( have premonitions etc ) . They also might draw pictures of their past lives. The ages between 2-5 are very significant for still having a link with former lives and therefore are more vivid.

As I’m sure you all recall (even without having these types of abilities or insight and foresight) this time is difficult and confusing enough without the introduction of such paranormal phenomena. However, like myself and others world wide, we grew up having to keep it in to ourselves for fear that people would think we are crazy . At least these modern times it is spoken about widely compared to before.

Fortunately for myself I received my gifts hereditarily and therefore my father helped me understand it as best as he could throughout my teenage years. However, he said I had his grandmothers gift, which was the gifts of mediumship (& basically the full package ) where as my father, was simply very intuitive , could do the tarot etc, (which he rarely did and very little people knew about )Still the wisdom in which he taught, helped me feel less alone,I still spent many years prior to this learning about my gifts alone in the adult section of the library trying to figure out what was going on ! What was I? Was this normal ? Why was I seeing,hearing & feeling these things and why did I have the ability to heal ? This and various other questions followed, and I knew I needed answers, but I also knew, it wasn’t going to be easy or overnight, receiving them, and in the meantime I suffered horrible insomnia.

As these energies and entities seen me as a light in a dark tunnel they would gravitate towards me and kept me awake all through my youth.

As I entered into puberty ( which if you don’t already know ) is a highly charged emotional time which the spirit realm use as their fuel to manifest especially a couple of more active types of entity -poltergeists and demonic entities.. I seem to attract vast poltergeist activity and many of my things would disappear and reappear in the strangest of places or not at all!

It was very frustrating and I honestly thought I was losing my mind at times!

This is why it is very important that your child is going to need your understanding and your support. Without it, this can be very challenging and not all people and children are strong enough to deal with their gifts alone.

Some children ( like myself ) had such powerful gifts I even put burns into books because I hadn’t mastered how to use my healing abilities yet . I recall the first time it occurred .

I had taken one of my many books gone from the library on the never ending topic on metaphysics , the paranormal & spirituality ( that was my constantly frequented part of the adult library keep in mind at this point I was only about 9/10) and I was in the living room reading it .

This particular book had hit the nail on the head regarding spirit visitations if I recall correctly and I was hypnotised by it . To the point I hadn’t heard my mum ask me a question three times until her Firth was very audible ! “Aren’t you listening to me ??!” She exclaimed.. ” oh sorry mum I was just engrossed in this part of the book” I nervously replied ” I then asked what it was she had wanted . She went in to ask if I smelt something burning .. Burning I thought ., I hadn’t been paying attention to my senses as I was so absorbed in my book 📖 but just as she said it and I snapped myself out of reading to become aware of my external environment yet again I actually did now notice a smell of burning but also something else ….!

I felt heat coming from beneath my fingertips which had been gripping the book with intrigue .

And as I lifted both my hands off the book I suddenly noticed that both images of my book had the shape scorched into the pages identical to that of MY FINGERTIPS! A million thoughts went through my head , had I done this?How?When? How did I manage to do this ? Could I do it again if I tried ?

But I also realised my mum was a logical woman and I know I scared her. Since I had been born all kinds of spiritual and paranormal events took place in our hone that had never happened before from seeing green hovering balls if light in the lobby, to hearing people go through our kitchen in the middle of the night to my sisters boyfriend seeing me when I was in bed and that’s just a couple of things!

So my first reaction was to hide the book.

I felt so bad as it was a library book but I didn’t want to mention it to my family and I didn’t have the money to pay for the damage so I just handed it back hoping nothing would cone if it once I had finished reading it and they never brought it up which I’m glad as I had enough to deal with .

This is my point your child could be going through anything strange you gave never seen or heard of or understood before but that doesn’t make them strange it makes them blessed. You have been given a child that is tapping into a part of their consciousness that most cannot or haven’t learned to yet.. this is a challenge but it can also be very rewarding if treated with respect .

If you do have a child who seeks to possess gifts try to learn more about the gifts the have online . You tube if full of videos these days about these subjects . But if you really feel out of your depth there are spiritual people all over the Internet that are willing to help myself included .

Please email me if you find that you are in this situation and I will be glad to help and NO I don’t want your money ! There are many con artists but I am not one of them .

The whole point in doing this blog and everything in conjunction is to help people become aware that we have entered an evolved state of awareness spiritually which is why more and more people are being born gifted and even adults are attuning to these gifts out of the blue and I can understand must be scared.

So if any of you need to talk I strongly believe my life’s mission or at least a big part of it, is to help you ascend to the true beings you are and I am here to help everyone reach their spiritual evolution and empower you all. I am here for you all.

I will be adding a list next on signs that your child is a sensitive please keep a look out .

Thank you 🙏🏻

Love and light



Remembering loved ones who have passed and why they are still with you…Qs&Answers

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest trials as a human we must go through. Even I with my gifts have experienced physical loss time and time again, reminding me that I am not immortal and that we need to be grateful daily, even momentarily. Even those we hold dear will not always be with us, and eventually we too shall pass, and that pain of passage will fall upon our children ( if you have any ) and those who loves you. What I’m hear to try to do is explain from my heart and soul as a human being but also as one born with foresight and insight to try- (at this time of year the time when we think of those we love and have lost)to give you some comfort from what I have come to know and to help you learn and understand a few things ..

If you can imagine and understand as humans made of flesh and bone we are indeed fragile, but our souls are not . Our souls are eternal . The universe wastes nothing..

Have you noticed how bibles are round ? This being a simple explanation why do you think that is? Because it is the most energy efficient configuration so simple but everything has been made to complicated by so many a metaphysical author .. I like people to understand in the plainest terms since there are so much questions on your mind and so much confusion and conflict internally weighing so many down why make something so important so complicated ?

Another simple example of passing is this . Imagine you are in your car and it breaks down as it’s old, the engine has failed for example . Do you die because you car died ? No of course not you simply get out and walk away sometimes you get a new different car other times you prefer to walk .

Like this, our physical selves or bodies are like a car it is the vessel in which the most important energy is kept and when the body / vessel dies the soul which is our true form leaves and goes onto another plane of existence that is energy pure energy which is why so many refer to universal consciousness because energy never dies .

Your soul unites with the source of the energy and the other energies that have left their physical body . The human life we led is seen to remind and teach us if the things we learned and what we still have to learn .

I believe from what these enlightened beings have taught me is that we are here to learn to grow and develop. We can chose to return in a different body to learn more. The more we learn the more we grow wise with wisdom comes understanding and with understanding comes enlightenment.. to truly help others on the other side you must first know yourself .

This is true for when we are alive also . That’s why I mention how important it is to get to know yourself and why it’s important to not be dependant on others to make sure you have time alone .

Solitary time provides necessary reflection upon oneself and provide greater awareness of both assets and defects no one is perfect . Meditation is so important to bring yourself into alignment. It helps to calm the mind, open the consciousness, heal the body and regenerate the soul .

Tv and technology is all good but it detracts and deflects from yourself and life’s mission.. each of us has a true calling whether you have realised it or still trying to “find” yourself .

Think about when you were between the ages of 9 and 12/14, what did you enjoy doing it notice you had a talent for ? Were you a good listener perhaps ? Good at art? Writing ? Try thinking about this as often times this age is what people return to they have just left it behind …

The most important realisation is that you constantly try to improve yourself and remember their is no permanent end to us .merely your body shuts down but the source of all your goodness,Love,compassion , consciousness memory of people you love resides in this precious soul that never dies . Like air which we constantly breath we can’t see it, but it does mean it’s not there .. in time science will prove this . They are already making progress regarding other dimensions.

So if you have lost someone be mindful they are indeed with you especially in times of emotional pain .. sometimes you will feel what feels like gentle snowflakes upon your hand or and cheek this is then touching you letting you know they are there for you with unconditional love.

Life with death couldn’t exist . Balance is important so that you appreciate and learn and are grateful for you do have …

For those that have lost someone young (or what you would think is before their time )my soul and thoughts are with you,especially at a time such as Christmas . I myself recently lost someone very dear to me suddenly but fir me it wasn’t a total surprise as I had been feeling he was going to go for a year although fit and healthy my intuition told me otherwise . Trust your intuition my friends it is the part of your higher consciousness that is in constant communication with the vortex / astral plain/higher power, it keeps you safe and guides you away from that which would do you harm or those who wish to hurt you..

Death is not the end. As Jim Morrison once said . Please try to let your emotion flow freely do not hold it in or back as This can turn into anger , anger isn’t good for you, it hinders your progress and prevents you from doing great and loving things which those you loved want. All they want is for you to be yourself and be happy. Tears provide a natural relaxing effect I believe it’s spiritually and emotionally beneficial as it’s the soul releasing all the penthouse up feeling that your mind has repressed to protect yourself.

Honour their memory this Christmas by doing something from the heart, even if it means challenging an old stubborn belief. Your ego wants you to be proud, stubborn , hateful at times. It holds you back where as your soul , your higher self knows only what is good for you and what will truly let you be free.. open your mind . Cherish those still with you physically , enjoy them for who they are , remember those not with you but believe they are, love and live for this is the whole purpose of being…

Merry Christmas 🎄

This segment is dedicated to someone I consider a very strong woman who has lost people and still has the courage and loving nature to help others .. this is truly one of your gifts although she has many there isn’t many like her who gives of herself in the ways which she does after such pain.

Keep up the good work it hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who passed and those who care..

Merry Christmas



Affirmations & Law of attraction tips & Help

Do you feel stuck ? Stagnant ? Do you want to change your life and make it more positive ? While I’m not offering a miracle cure here try this if you feel stuck it might open your being up to a whole knee life and way if being !

It might seem strange and you might feel silly but it’s good for your soul since one of the highest vibrations is LOVE we need to tell ourselves we are loved so go to a mirror and repeat this mantra / affirmations whilst looking at yourself –

  1. I love you
  2. I love me
  3. I am a good person
  4. You are a good person
  5. You are happy
  6. I  am happy
  7. I have everything I want and need
  8. You have everything you want and need
  9. I am beautiful inside and out
  10. You are beautiful inside and out
  11. I make friends easily
  12. You make friends easily
  13. I am at peace
  14. You are at peace
  15. I feel only love and harmony
  16. You feel only love and harmony
  17. I am at one with the source of all unconditional love and I am in a constant state of abundance
  18. You are at one with the source of all unconditional love and you are in a constant state of abundance
  19. I deserve happiness
  20. You deserve happiness
  21. I AM pure love
  22. You are pure love .

After doing these one saying “I” one of the same but saying “you” , feel how you’re mood, state of mind and well being has shifted.

To see and feel real progress internally do this every day to reap the rewards. I promise this does work but it will take time for your sub conscious to believe what you are telling your conscious mind but after a while it programs your mind to believe it and it becomes your reality ! Let me know how you get on. Realize this , our bodies are made up of mostly water and an experiment was carried out that revealed that water can be charged up to transform what ever energy is directed at it , therefore if you are going around constant telling yourself you are no good , you are stupid , you hate yourself what do you think that’s doing to you internally ? It’s affecting your health for starters but also your soul and mind will be believing it and making it your reality after a while so break this chains of negativity and self loathing and get back on the train of progress love life and abundance ! Believe in yourself There’s a great expression / quote from the law of attraction I want you to think about : ” The universe is impartial, whatever I send out it returns to me in the same way” 

If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts they will come back to you but if you shift that way of thinking into positive (which I know can be easier said than done) you can bring all types of great things into your life ! Hey you have nothing to lose and so much to gain ! Try it ! Break the negativity starting with small steps like positive affirmations..

Let me know in the comments how you are getting on. Hoping to hear positive progress! 😘👍😇
Love and light




I love to watch the Elements and as I practice Feng shui they have a big role to play in all I do to create balance and harmony… 

have you ever stopped dead in your tracks and seen a sunrise 🌅? The beauty of a sunset ? Have you been out walking when you have witnessed perfection in the clouds . Cloud formations are one of natures intetesting and mysterious natural phenomenas. I love taking photos of both as they touch the depth of my soul . It’s harder to photograph rain ☔️ but rain is more gloomy although I do feel a certain cleansing when I walk in rain and I can’t photograph wind but clouds are a combination so I love to watch the formations they make ..

Here’s a couple of cloud photographs which I thought I’d post in connection to a “Today’s Prompt” titled “Elemental“a couple of weeks ago had I been available at the time I would have posted it then . I Have also included a couple of a lake I visit which is also breathtaking and applicable to today’s prompt “Elemental” I would love a response in the comments to let me know what you feel when you look at these photos .. I love the elements and how they work together to create such beauty -the force of nature they have when brought together is amazing ..

Which SIN are you ?

Most people have heard of the seven deadly sins and if you haven’t let Me clue you in here’s the list of the so called SINS below :

  1. GREED
  2. LUST
  3. SLOTH
  4. ENVY
  5. ANGER
  7. PRIDE

If you think about it many humans can be all of these but if you were to be one which SIN would be the one that would consume you ?

Have a careful think about this. As I’m not preaching the bible here , I’m talking about the fact that we all have these traits as humans and sometimes they can spiral out of control .

To fulfill our spiritlual enlightenment these traits / sins can really hinder our growth as they are all self gratifying and serve only us not the great good or others . Each trait or sin is selfish which is the opposite of what selflessness is all about . The whole purpose of traits such as their opposites – humility , purity, honesty, patience , charity, peace,selflessness are for a much more powerful reason – to be free from the physical restrictions and be at one with the divine energy available to us all.
This doesn’t mean we all have to be saints! As humans we can’t help but indulge in buying ourselves that special hand bag or shoes or lusting after that special someone or wanting things that will make our present life more comfortable or future better, however, in excess, these little treats can close the gate which opens enlightenment by being consumed with materialism which is pointless regarding our spiritual progress .

  • Pride for example is known as the worst of all these sins as it’s unassuming and not so dangerous  at first glance, leaving us vulnerable as pride can be the worst for good reason . Pride stops us from being ourselves – how many times has your spiritual progress , your direction in life been hindered due to your pride stopping you fulfill a new venture or purpose?One that could have been your destiny. Pride stops us from asking for help, humility is very important in our journey it brings us closer to our true selves enables us to see our defects and confront them. Asking for help and being humble helps us to be more compassionate and not let our pride and ego take over which separate us from the divine as it is a physical and material trait and can close us off from our true path and who we really are.

Get to know yourself . Try writing a list of your assets and defects. You might be surprised what appears on the list . Knowing your true self and accepting even the negatives makes us stronger and more self aware and the more aware you are the more you can understand yourself and further your purpose while you are here.

Each of us has a path to follow, which is not always clear in the beginning but if you firstly learn to understand yourself, you can better understand the path you need to take by helping yourself develop who you are, and being a better person by working on things that need improving . Accept who you are dont see this as a negative thing rather an inner challenge to better oneself.

Hard work can be enlightening and good for the soul .

Remember there’s no such thing as perfect so don’t try or waste energy trying to be like that. Rather invest your precious energy into others wellbeing for example, and other enlightening pursuits that will bring you closer to source energy.

A good way to start is through knowing yourself so that you can be compassionate , humble , aware, empathic.

Connecting and helping others starts with knowing yourself in a loving way which isn’t born out of pride. There’s loving yourself to further your souls development for the greater good, and there’s being in love with yourself  because you think you are better than others-vanity , pride and ego are self indulging self consuming and very dangerous so it’s finding that middle ground that connects you to yourself in a caring way without being carried away with your looks, talents and other physical and material wants and needs.

These things only make you separate from your soul where as mind soul and body should all be in unity this is why anything in excess isn’t good for you.

Are people using their phones to much? Do you use your phone to avoid people , or are phones making us slaves to technology ?

Since mobile phones first came on the scene there’s been so much attraction and fuss about them. My first analogue phone was awful do you remember the ones with the green screen and black simple text no emoticons etc no fancy apps and they were chunky and heavy ! Not like the newest models now such as the iPhone which I have and like but do I need it constantly everywhere I go ? No. I like to be the one who has the control not the technology control me. If you feel like you NEED you phone constantly you may have a problem .. 

I had an epiphany the other day about this which is why I felt the need to write about it. 

I was at a get together when I happened to look up and see one of the guests on their phone , I thought nothing of it as these days it’s a common occurrence but then I looked to my left , right and there were people on their phones before I knew it I was seeing everyone nearly on their phones or what I realised was instead of them wanting to socialise with strangers they were avoiding being human by hiding behind their phones!

How many times have YOU personally been in a situation where you have perhaps felt awkward and used your phone as a shield ? A prop ? An avoidance barrier ? For whatever the reason – people are now using their phones instead of dealing with life face on,so to speak .

I have since paid close attention to people on the street when going for a walk and I notice so many people on their phones but my concern isn’t that they are using a clever piece of technology which I like myself for music 🎶 especially and the internet which can provide great information along with keeping in touch with friends and loved ones as it really is a great little item when in the right hands when not completely reliant upon it but I’ve noticed and been told by friends and clients about their teenage children who are on their phones constantly even during school hours!

When I was at school we didn’t have that there was no mobiles etc so you had to write notes 📝 and pass them to your friends or whoever you wanted to ask someone something about if during a class. Now kids are texting during classes under their desks, without even needing to look at the phone as they know it off by heart.

The other difference is how when someone spread a rumour it was only that, a rumour – one persons words against the others, which would usually fade pretty quickly as it was here-say. However it can be so very damaging as now kids are recording their friends via video and posting it on social media sites ! Or recording their voices. Can you imagine doing something stupid (as we are all mostly guilty of doing at some time in our young lives)only to have to relive that nightmare repeatedly online (forever if the person chooses as what gets put online can stay online unless the person who put it up takes it down and if it gets passed around you may never get it off )And everywhere you looked ?! This could damage a teenager psychologically. That’s no longer child’s play or harmless fun, that’s serious . I think it’s important for parents  to think about the repercussions of giving their kids phones especially during school hours . Some parents are giving their children phones at 6 years old! It’s taking away their innocence and inviting all kinds of trouble. 

I used to like walking home from school so I could catch up with my friends about everything but as my friend once said “oh but they don’t need to walk home now to catch up as they have phones they just text “.. and it suddenly dawned on me why each school day I have a line of cars outside my house as I live not far from the Academy. This generation are becoming too reliant on their parents and technology. Basically they are all becoming spoiled and lazy this combination is not good when they are the future of our world and it worries me.

We are loosing touch with who we are the longer we spend hiding behind our phones, forgetting about our own lives which we should value and it’s effecting all ages. Instead we are replacing our real lives with other people’s online and playing games online , chat rooms , apps that do everything including creating different voices , looks etc etc basically allowing us too much freedom to allow our inner fantasies of being someone else to actually manifest and inviting dangerous people to crawl into our real bank accounts , our real lives, so many children are speaking to dangerous peadophiles all the time and the cyber crime division can only do so much without more man power as the internet is growing to a massive proportion I worry about the effects it will bring us all in the future but I especially worry for those that are addicted to being on their phone constantly …
Today challenge yourself if you DONT think you have a problem being addicted to your phone put it away for an hour and see how you manage and if you are brave enough try not watching TV either no internet or TV for as long as you can trust me , you will be surprised many can’t last any time at all…

When you are in an awkward situation notice if you use your phone instead of dealing with it and look at all the people you see when you are out and about who are always doing something on their phone … 

I really think it’s important to allow time without technology and spent time with your family friends and nature . 

Ok If you are looking to learn more about tapping in to your dormant gifts (which have always been there but they need coaching to come out much of the time ) then spending time close to nature more than watching Tv and being on your phone will indeed help that process .

If anyone requires my help and wishes to ask me any spiritual , paranormal or metaphysical questions on anything from love, career, life in general , then please don’t hesitate to email me at ssoulseer@gmail.com

I give free spiritual and life coaching to anyone who needs it if I can use part of it to help others on my forum or on here . I am always willing to help you please don’t be afraid to ask on any topic .. I am here for you all.


Live and light Dee


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